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Solutions for the Issues of the Elderly and Disabled


As independent advocates focused solely on the needs of our clients, IKOR is different from other businesses that serve the needs of seniors and the disabled. We are advocates first, providing guidance, planning, oversight and the implementation of plans designed to focus on our client’s important life challenges. The IKOR name is recognized as being a protective influence in our client’s lives, one that listens to the individual, addresses their needs and places their well-being above all other factors. With this approach in mind, IKOR provides a wide range of services from advocacy, guardianship, strategic planning and coordination, to financial life management and routine bill-pay services.

Complex medical cases often involve a number of specialists. Each time a new condition presents itself, a new treatment is started, a medicine might be added, or a new specialist might be brought in. Your local IKOR office is staffed by specially trained Registered Nurse Advocates who only manage a very small number of client cases. Your Nurse Advocate will help you make sense of your loved one’s medical file, attend doctor appointments, and question the doctor when necessary to make sure nothing is being overlooked. If home care, durable medical equipment (DME) or mobility devices are needed, your Nurse Advocate will help you get the right services and supplies at the right price.

As your loved one’s needs change, often their physical environment needs to change. IKOR offers a spectrum of services – from in-home assessments to identify safety hazards to overseeing extensive home modifications to ensuring the home is properly maintained, your local IKOR Advocate maintains the relationship with the contractor and knows which local companies have excellent reputations for delivering quality work at a fair price.

We also provide daily money management services and can coordinate concierge service to take your loved one shopping, to the beauty salon or on other errands.

There is nothing more rewarding for our Advocates than improving the quality of life for our clients. As an intrinsic component to helping improve an individual’s overall well-being, the IKOR Advocate considers many facets of a person’s life, such as where they live, are friends nearby, and whether they belong to a senior center or book club. Engagement with the world around us keeps our mind working at its highest level, and our emotions balanced.

Through our life management and advocacy interventions, we discover the wishes and needs of an individual and strive to address those needs to ultimately enhance the individual’s quality of life, thus assuring this phase of our 4-component process.

IKOR advocacy evaluates every medical, environmental and psychosocial aspect of a person’s life and examines how these elements ultimately affect each other. We integrate all elements of their life to ensure a comprehensive plan provides a more balanced, enriched and fulfilled life within their capabilities.

The IKOR approach is effective across all ages, genders, races, cultures and lifestyles, and has consistently proven to change the course of a person’s overall quality of life.

Our advocacy is successful in working with those whose issues are immediate and critical as well as those whose challenges are lifelong.

To augment and enhance advocacy, we also provide ongoing quality assurance through our oversight program.

Oversight of care, either in the home or in a facility, is done through regular, unannounced visits. With the surprise spot checks, our RN Patient Advocates can be sure all care orders are being followed exactly as specified. This oversight maximizes the value of the care service spending by ensuring delivery of all the services our client needs and maintaining a living environment which the client expects.

The areas of medical advocacy are specific to each client; however, these often include:

  • Medical Oversight

  • Professionals in Crisis

  • General Advocacy

  • Chronic Illness

  • Medical Advocacy

  • Power of Attorney (POA)

  • Agent for Power of Attorney

  • Guardian of Person

  • Agent of Guardian – When a guardian has already been appointed, or a lay family member is chosen and doesn’t know what to do, IKOR can be selected by the guardian to be their agent. We can handle all court record-keeping needs and conduct on-site visits as required by law.

  • Predatory Issues – A major concern when assisting seniors or the disabled is the problem of predatory threats. These threats can take the form of physical, psychological or monetary manipulation. Threats may occur by a family member or friend, or from individuals who prey on the weak and disabled. IKOR, through the relationship established by our Advocates, can often identify the presence of predatory behavior and act quickly to deal with it effectively. IKOR has been instrumental in bringing predators before the legal system while assuring the client’s best interests are secure.

  • Personal Rights Protection – IKOR offers services that are created specifically to protect the safety and rights of the individual and to ensure their needs are met with respect and dignity.

  • Our Transparent System – IKOR believes that you are looking for answers and professionals you can trust who have the experience, knowledge and understanding to bring resolution to issues. We believe that open communication and transparency are critical toward building that trust. To assist in your needs, IKOR developed secure information systems to provide full disclosure of care in a safe and secure environment.

IKOR realizes that helping a client with financial advocacy may be even more delicate than assisting with medical advocacy. For security and protection, IKOR ensures that all of our have passed a criminal and civil background check and each office is insured.

  • Routine Bill Pay - IKOR assures that all appropriate bills are being paid on a routine basis, avoiding late charges or the interruption of service. We review medical bills before payment to assure that all insurance reimbursements are obtained and only valid bills are paid by the client’s funds. When needed, IKOR can also assist in organizing outside services such as electricians, plumbers, lawn service and roofers, ensuring that prices, certifications and insurances have been vetted. This can support the client, assuring them that they are receiving the required services, at the right price, with the best provider.

  • Light Forensic Accounting - Occasionally situations require the IKOR Advocate to assist in organizing, reviewing and securing assets. We have had numerous situations of locating money, antiques and other valuables that added to the funds needed for care, and in each case no one knew those valuables existed. In one such case, IKOR uncovered over $4 million of assets for a client that would have otherwise been lost.

  • Personal Rights Protection - Protecting our client’s personal rights is an important part of what defines IKOR. We offer personal rights protection in the following ways:

    • Power of Attorney - Through functioning as the client’s Power of Attorney (POA), we are bound by ethics and legal commitments to honor the wishes of our client in every aspect of their life. We act on the client’s behalf in issues of the person, such as healthcare decisions, living arrangements and end-of-life paths.
    • Agent for Power of Attorney - IKOR can act in the capacity of an agent for a professional or family customer who is the POA – ask us how!
    • Guardian of Estate - For the clients without a POA, when they can no longer make decisions for themselves, a Guardian is often appointed by the courts. IKOR policies follow the Guidelines of the National Guardianship Association. IKOR has more Nationally Certified Guardians than any other organization, and our offices are insured through Lloyds of London for these services.
  • Agent of Guardian of Estate– If you are a guardian or conservator, we can bring the strength of the IKOR Approach by acting as your agent, ensuring that the best decisions are being made for the ward.

Disability Advocacy

Mental Health

Mental illness is finally being recognized by our society as a serious, debilitating medical condition. Mental illness can not only affect the individual from becoming a contributing member of society, but has a negative effect on every single aspect of the person’s life. IKOR is experienced in working with the many challenges mental health issues present for the client.

Our goal has always been to understand the client’s needs, obtain the best possible care, educate families, and alter living arrangements when necessary to provide the client with the best opportunity for success. Within this process, honoring the value of the individual and considering the best interests of the person are consistently a key part.

Among the conditions our professionals have addressed are:

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Schizophrenia

  • Hoarding

  • Autism / Asperger Syndrome

  • Substance Abuse (Chemical/Alcoholism)

  • Depression

  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Physical Disabilities

Physical limitations obtained either from birth or by accident are not only a visible sign of challenges, but the basis of misunderstanding and prejudice for every person who must deal with this type of disability. For those who love or try to help, the frustration of not knowing where to begin occurs nearly every day.

IKOR has helped many families and professionals identify the needs of these special people. Even when care is in process, such as when home care is in place and doctors are involved, IKOR has been successful in streamlining and coordinating the services, many times heightening successful outcomes.

We offer services and guidance to those who are:

  • Head-Injured

  • Catastrophically Injured

  • Chronically Disabled

Intellectual Disabled Individuals

Intellectually disabled individuals often begin their journey from birth. The journey is a long and difficult one, not just for them, but for their parents and families. In these cases, IKOR involvement goes beyond “quarterbacking” the medical aspects for the client and includes advocating for our client to maximize services within the school and vocational programs as well.

Accessing all available public programs is an integral part of the IKOR process. IKOR educates the parents, and many times the vocational and educational partners, of options available, giving them the information needed to create the most life-affirming choices for the client.

We help build dreams of a truly fulfilled life for our intellectually disabled clients!

  • Down’s Syndrome

  • Birth Defects

  • Head Injury

Assisting Those in Need

Many of our clients are challenged in some aspects of their life while very capable in others. IKOR does a thorough needs assessment, develops a strategic plan and assists in helping them live as an enriched, fulfilled and independent life as possible.

IKOR helps in the following areas: 

  • Home Modifications

  • Accessible Home Building

  • Life Enrichment

    • Vocational
    • Educational
    • Supportive Equipment & Technology
Additional Services

IKOR can serve as the following:

  • Power of Attorney

    • Medical POA
    • Financial POA
    • Agent for POA
  • Guardian

    • Of the Person
    • Of the Estate
    • Of the Person/Estate
    • Agent for Guardian

Life Management

IKOR has nearly 20 years of experience in helping families transition through life. We offer a spectrum of services to ensure the highest quality of life. Our Life Management services listed below can help families, professionals and individuals.

Living Arrangements

We assist our clients with safe and secure choices for future living. Whether the living continues at home with home care or in a facility, IKOR can determine exactly what level of care the client needs. Our total independence provides you with objective choices, considering factors like the geographic location of those the client loves, the financial resources available, and the psychosocial history of the client’s life.

Financial Advocacy

IKOR offers a complete suite of Financial Advocacy services to assist clients with fulfilling their wishes and managing their needs.

Routine Bill Pay

If the client could otherwise remain at home but is unable to continue handling financial affairs, IKOR can help by working with the client and assuring bills are paid in a timely manner and scam mail is avoided.

Coordination and Oversight of Life Services

Knowing that something needs to change is one thing, knowing how to change it is another. Putting a plan together includes not only the coordination of all aspects of life, but oversight to see that those who are part of the plan continue on the right path and continue to provide the highest quality of services. IKOR oversight makes this happen whenever this facet of our involvement is used.


Independence is important to all of us. It is the characteristic that we all strive for as we grow into individuals. Independence means choices, and means a life that is uniquely our own. IKOR strives to bring our clients the highest level of independence possible. Whenever possible, if it is the client’s choice, we help them age at home or locate a home that they may age in which can address their physical limitations. For our younger disabled clients, IKOR believes independence can be found in becoming a contributing member of society by obtaining education and employment, and we strive to meet this goal as well.

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